We love a good, ethically sourced, rich ceremonial Cacao. That's why we've chosen Ceremony Cacao for it's no mess and no fuss and delicious use with our favourite medicinal mushrooms or just plain fantastic on its own. Ceremony Cacao is already expertly blended with a pinch of Peruvian Maca root powder, cinnamon and Himalayan sea salt to make a perfect rounded and wholesome flavour for every cup.

Ceremony is lovingly crafted in small batches using the highest quality, organic ingredients. It's blended using cold pressed, un-roasted, enzyme rich Peruvian cacao beans with a handful of Mother Natures super foods and a whole lot of love to produce a pure, powerful and delicious powder. Choose from Classic or Chilli options - both wonderful and highly recommended as by us!

In Ceremony you will find No preservatives, No additives, No refined sugars, No artificial colours or flavours.