Transpersonal coaching combines a practical, spiritual, and at times, therapeutic approach, to your life path, soul callings and navigation of challenges. Coaching in a transpersonal sense works with you at a soul-based level. The soul holds more leverage for change than the ego does, supporting deeper and more sustainable transformation of personal, professional, and spiritual development.

Transpersonal coaching can support you to;

  • Navigate major life transitions.
  • Reawaken your dreams.
  • Clarify vision and life purpose.
  • Build a strong personal foundation.
  • Unleash your creativity.
  • Make clear value-based, decisions that satisfy head, heart and gut.
  • Channel and leverage your precious energy for what matters.
  • Work to your strengths, purpose and uniqueness.

    1 Hour Coaching Session $95

    An opportunity to explore what is important and present for you in safe, sacred space. In your session you have the opportunity to gain clarity, build strength, explore possibilities and ground change. The process is guided by what you need and what you bring to the session. Megan walks alongside you to uncover what needs to be cleared to find the gifts for the future.

    If you’re seeking long lasting, deep transformation, give yourself this gift.


    90 Minute Personal Ceremony - Coaching and Massage $135

    A space to experience some powerful shifts. If you are feeling lost, stuck or in need of sacred space to honour your journey and uncover insights to move forward, this ceremony is created for you! A chance to build space with intention for your massage/healing and a brief integration after to move forward with deeper power.


    2 Hour Deep Dive Personal Ceremony - Coaching and Massage $165

    A transformational session to deeply explore what is present for you, mind, body and soul. Gaining insights and getting a powerful, clear intention to move into your massage/healing session for a more profound ritual. There is then space for integration to ground your new found gifts. This session is a deep honouring of you and your sacred place in the world. A powerful unique journey for those committed to living their best life as the most true version of themselves.




    Grief Support

    Loss and grief can be experienced after we lose someone or something we care about like, the death of a loved one, loss of a relationship, loss of a job or a change to your way of life. We will all experience grief at some point in our lives, but few of us understand grief or have the internal and external resources to help us through some of the hardest times we will face. Grief can be isolating and confusing, throwing us into a completely new world and new way of being. The most important and effective support can be to have a space of non-judgement and compassion. 

    Megan has a deep understanding and commitment to meet you where you are in your grief. Megan will sit beside you through the sadness and the pain and help you find hope when you are ready.


    1 hour grief support -$95

    A safe space to be exactly where you are in your grief.

    Megan will provide a deep understanding and sit beside you through the sadness and the pain helping you find hope when you are ready.

    Every grief journey is different so the process is guided by what you need in the moment.


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