You might have failed at diets, detox challenges, and white-knuckled the roller-coaster of self-sabotage for decades of your life - but the reality of Wellness is that it's in YOUR POWER in a very intimate non-super-model-endorsed way.

Wellness my friend is your birthright...

I'm proud to offer this collection of eBooks and Programs. Each one written as a personal and professional account of my career as a Naturopath. They're for clients needing extra information and insights; or for those new to this Health gig yearning for a direction forward. I've consciously gathered my experiences, health facts, nutrition hacks, thoughts and recipes and lovingly placed them within each program.

My hope is that you'll learn a little more about your body, discover real wellness and seize the opportunity to BE healthy again. They're NO Fuss, No Gimmicks, No Nonsense tools for a more VITAL life.

Melanie Lock ND BHSc