Massage treats the whole person. By allowing your body to relax, the mind and soul can follow. Whether it is a physical, emotional or spiritual ailment, massage can support you to shift what is in the way of you embodying your full potential.  Each massage with Megan is an individualised ritual using healing sound, aromatherapy and nature based healing techniques to support every level of your being through all your senses. As your massage therapist, Megan works with a system of intuitive massage, bodywork and energetic healing to provide a space for you to relax and heal.Megan is available for appointments on Tuesdays & Saturdays 9-2pm.


1 Hour Massage $95 Relax and let go! A chance to just be and allow Megan to create a space for you to release the stress and tension you carry in your body. A beautiful self care practice and honouring of you. Megan draws on techniques and knowledge from various healing techniques including Lomi Lomi massage, Bowen Therapy and nature based healing to provide a unique relaxation massage experience just for you.



90 Minute Personal Ceremony - Coaching and Massage $135 A space to experience some powerful shifts. If you are feeling lost, stuck or in need of sacred space to honour your journey and uncover insights to move forward, this ceremony is created for you! A chance to build space with intention for your massage/healing and a brief integration after to move forward with deeper power.



2 Hour Deep Dive Personal Ceremony - Coaching and Massage $165 A transformational session to deeply explore what is present for you, mind, body and soul. Gaining insights and getting a powerful, clear intention to move into your massage/healing session for a more profound ritual. There is then space for integration to ground your new found gifts. This session is a deep honouring of you and your sacred place in the world. A powerful unique journey for those committed to living their best life as the most true version of themselves.

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