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SACRED WOMAN - Celebrate your Flower

  • SACRED WOMAN - Celebrate your Flower
SACRED WOMAN - Celebrate your Flower SACRED WOMAN - Celebrate your Flower

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SACRED WOMAN - Celebrate your Flower



Sacred Woman is a full bodied, radiant and uplifting tea in celebration of the Divine Feminine. This magical blend contains Siberian Ginseng for energy, Lemon Balm to restore the nervous system, a sensual bouquet of Lavender & Rose Petals, grounding hints of Ginger & Liquorice and sweet Maca Root to round off a perfectly balanced and inspired blend.

Drink this tea as a daily ritual of Love.

It makes a delicious Iced Tea in Summer.

30+ Serves | Certified Organic | Herbalist Blended | Caffeine Free | Gluten Free | Vegan


Organic Siberian Ginseng

Organic Lemon Balm

Organic Maca Chips

Organic Lavender

Organic Liquorice Root

Organic Red Rose Petals

Organic Ginger Root

Brew Instructions

1 heaped tsp per cup. Brew for 7-10 minutes.

Allow heat to leave the cup to enjoy all the layers of flavour.


Does Sacred Woman contain Caffeine?

Sacred Woman Tea is completely caffeine free so you can enjoy a cup at any time.

Is Sacred Woman safe while Pregnant?

Though the herbs in Sacred Woman are safe during pregnancy we advise caution. Check out our 10 Moons pregnancy blend for support during pregnancy and birth.

Can Sacred Woman interact with other Medications?

There are no contra-indications with other medications when drinking Sacred Woman Tea.

What does it taste like?

A richly layered seductive combination of earth, flora, leaf and gentle lingering sweetness.

Can MEN drink Sacred Woman?

Yes! Not is it only safe, men find Sacred Woman quite irresistible. Perhaps the blend whispers something about us? 

Is Sacred Woman Safe for Children?

Yes but we don’t advise children to drink Sacred Woman Tea on a regular basis.


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7 Medicinal Herbs used in our Formulation


Over 20+ Years experience with Herbal Medicine


14 day Guarantee if you are not 100% Satisfied

Medicinal Grade
Organic Herbs

We only use superior quality organic herbs for the best ritual and medicinal tea experience. Our blends are steeped in the long history of plant medicine and herbal lore bringing a rich experience to every sip.