"Changing the World One Tea at a Time"

There is a vast world of Herbal Teas out there. Some come in pretty boxes and smell like bubble bath, others look good but amount to hot water. We wanted to take Herbal Tea to the 'next level' with incredible flavour, medicinal benefit and with raw and REAL ingredients - roots, rhizomes florals, leaves, bark and seeds. 

We've taken great pride in sourcing and creating a unique range of Organic Herbal Teas for our community and now, the rest of Australia. Our range is 100% therapeutic and hand-crafted by our experienced Naturopath Melanie Lock ND BHSc, who holds a deep knowledge of herbal medicine to create effective and delicious medicinal tea.

Melanie has carefully designed each blend for the purpose of healing, restoring and inspiring your wellbeing. You can be assured that not only are you purchasing a tasty tea, but a tea that is good for your health.