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10 MOONS - Pregnancy Tea

  • 10 MOONS - Pregnancy Tea
10 MOONS - Pregnancy Tea 10 MOONS - Pregnancy Tea

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10 MOONS - Pregnancy Tea



The journey of Pregnancy and Birth is deeply sacred and that’s why we use only the finest organic therapeutic herbs to nourish you and your precious babe.

Our 10 Moons pregnancy tea has a delicate, floral and smooth flavour with gentle hints of Spearmint & Ginger to ease nausea and soothe digestion, a medicinal blend of Raspberry Leaf - well known as a traditional uterine tonic in preparation for birth, nutritious Nettle boasting a host of valuable minerals, and delicate Rose Petals & Lavender to honour your birth story, and Maca Chips to lightly sweeten the blend.


Organic Nettle Leaf

Organic Raspberry Leaf

Organic Maca Chips

Organic Lavender

Organic Spearmint

Organic Red Rose Petals

Organic Blue Mallow Flowers

Organic Ginger Root


1 heaped tsp per cup. Brew for 7-10 minutes.

Allow heat to leave the cup to enjoy all the layers of flavour.


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Does 10 MOONS Contain Caffeine?

There is no caffeine in 10 MOONS so you can enjoy a cup at any time.

Should I Take 10 MOONS Before or After Birth? 

You may enjoy 10 MOONS Tea before, during and after birth. Raspberry Leaf is a herb used traditionally to support and tone the uterus in preparation for pregnancy and birth. We recommend 1 cup in the 1st and 2nd trimesters and 1-2 cups in the 3rd trimester.

Will 10 MOONS Help with Morning Sickness? 

We have used Ginger & Spearmint in our 10 MOONS tea to help ease symptoms of nausea and soothe an unsettled tummy. We recommend making a weaker tea to sip in times of need.

Is 10 MOONS Safe for My Baby?

The herbs we use in 10 MOONS are safe and beneficial to you and your baby. Herbal Tea infusions are a mild and safe way to use herbs in your daily health routine

Will 10 MOONS Help With Breastfeeding? 

10 MOONS tea may support a woman’s recovery after birth, ease anxiety and assist in healthy milk production and flow.

What Does 10 MOONS Taste Like?

You can expect a gentle whirling cup of fragrant spearmint (slightly sweeter than Peppermint), earthy and grounding Ginger Root, the soft delicate aroma of Rose, Lavender & Blue Mallow Flowers, the grassy tones of Raspberry and Nettle Leaf and the lovely lingering sweetness of Maca Root leaving you feeling whole, uplifted and loved.


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