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Please!!! Make sure you will arrive 5-10 minutes before the class starts

Natural MUKTI Yoga Mats are supplied

Bring water to OPEN FLOW & wear comfortable warm clothing to YIN YOGA



Yin Yoga  - as Port Macquarie knocks off work The Hollow comes ALIVE, transforming into a quiet and intimate haven of Yoga. In our Yin class you'll learn to become comfortable in silence, restoring yourself in stillness and learning to remain untroubled under tension.

 You will notice subtle or significant shifts as we relax into each given pose. Yin yoga brings us back to our quieter and higher selves.










Open Flow is a style of Vinyasa Yoga practise. It combines your breath with energetic movement. Our guided Open Flow classes are dynamic and we take pride in evolving sequences every week to avoid class repetition. Some days we practise our flow to soothing music, and other times we practise in silence - with only our breath to guide us.       



 "Everything in life eventually changes, in Yoga we prepare the mind for all

outcomes and seek comfort in adapting to the ever-present practice of change."


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