NEXT CIRCLE: Saturday 26th SEPTEMBER 7-9pm 

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Dear Sister,
Would you love to deepen your care of yourself?
Would you love to connect deeply with yourself and other women?
Do you want to celebrate your sisters for all their gifts and wisdom?
Sitting with Sisters is a monthly gathering of women to learn and grow together. Each month we will have a different guest sharing their heart and wisdom. Not only will you have the chance to learn from these inspiring women, you will also walk away with your own insights and actions to truly make the most out of what you have received.
When women support each other and build each other up rather than compete and cut each other down, amazing things can happen. Sitting with sisters is an opportunity to join with women to sit in sacred circle and explore many different facets of your life through different modalities and knowledge shared with you by your sisters.

You can join us on the First Saturday of the month.
The energy exchange for the group will be $50
If you have any questions email contact Megan:
or you can call: 0405 143 289
With deep love and reverence.
Megan and Joh


What to expect: 

You will be welcomed into the space where we will create a beautiful sacred space together. You will have a chance to set your own intention for the session before we hear from our special guest. As every sister is unique and brings their own gifts this will look different for each month.
The gift might be shared through sound journey, guiding movement, sharing of wisdom through information, guidance through a process or a million other ways we can only imagine. There will then be time for you to crystallise and ground what you are personally taking away from the session so don’t forget to bring your journal. We will then close with intention and leave feeling expanded and connected.


About the creators:

Megan Baker is the co-founder of Inner World Village. A dedicated student of life, Megan has also studied counselling, coaching, massage, nature based healing, funeral facilitation and doula support amongst other things. Blessed with many amazing teachers and mentors the greatest teacher in her life has been her son after his passing at birth. Megan now lives with a commitment to living a life of honouring of herself and her son and supporting women through major life transitions to remember themselves back home to the truth of who they really are.


Joh: I am a mother of three grown, homeschooled amazing children; preschool teacher of 2 decades; and Transpersonal counsellor with a strong interest in art therapy and natural therapies. I generally spend my time seeking out ways in life to help myself and others be happy, healthy and positive. Sitting in circle and spending time in sacred space with like minded people transformed my life…for me it is where we find hope, faith and connection which are transformative on so many levels. My ‘seeking’ has led me to retreats in Peru and Hawaii, Soul Collage studies, trance dance, breath work and shamanic journeys…and much more. Nature is and has always been my guide and healer.