4 Week Course | OCT 16th

Meditation for Beginners

  • Meditation for Beginners
Meditation for Beginners Meditation for Beginners Meditation for Beginners

4 Week Course | OCT 16th

Meditation for Beginners


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NEXT COURSE : Wednesday 16th October - 6th November

@ The Hollow Store | 6:00 - 8:00pm 

Life is frenetic. 


And we know, all too well that it simply won't and the only way we can rally against the quickening is to create a space in that frantic mind of ours and connect deeply with our breath and be still

Every week for 4 weeks Benny and Mel come together and share the benefits and tools for meditating.

In describing what we do, let us first tell you what we don't: 

We don't sit up the front of the class pious and perfect
We don't expect you to sit for hours in silence
Nor do we use vocabulary or scripture dug up from some old dusty box in 1972

Instead, every week we introduce you to the unique ways you can apply Meditation and Mindfulness to your life - even when it's frantic, busy, or worrisome. We get gritty with the practice and philosophy of mindfulness. We laugh, we share and make it a happy and insightful experience.

You will hear about the Science, the proven Health benefits, how to use the Sensory System to your advantage, and explore a style or more that suit you. We will encourage and support you as you make these discoveries and further challenge you to deepen your practice. We invite new topics, practices and discussion each week so you don't get bored on your journey.

We live in the West. We don't live in the Himalayan mountains....meditation is a skill, it's the Black Rhino of neurological pathways that requires saving and rehabilition for the sake of the species. And if that analogy floats your boat, then this course is for YOU.

Join us!