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A Whole-Lotta Woman A Whole-Lotta Woman

A Whole-Lotta Woman



Wednesday 8th May, 2019 | 5.30-7pm

@ THE HOLLOW STORE   |   Shop 2 Murray Street, Port Macquarie 

I'm tired of the self-help memes, the hard-sell on social media, wealthy women telling me to chase my dreams and young women telling me how to grow old. It's got me thinking how do I make sense of this mess?

Who do we follow? Who should we follow? Who's telling us the truth?

Let's get frank with what it means to be a "Healthy Woman". I mean for reals - paying my rent, buying my groceries (praying I can afford them), watching my body change, my moods alter and my travel savings dwindle into electricity accounts and school fees. My 'dream' life is more than just a silly manifestation. It's in the way I tend to my Self amid the grind - biologically, hormonally, nutritionally and soulfully.

This I want to share with you, woman to woman. 

Do you know the statistics for women's health in Australia? (ps. they're not great). How do our bodies wear modern day life? What does stress and anxiety actually do to us? How do our hormones effect us? How important is our Gut health and do we really need to sleep?

Ladies, sisters and friends it's time to have this conversation.
Join (me) Naturopath Melanie Lock for a fulfilling and informative 1.5 hour workshop @ The Hollow Store.
This workshop will be interactive with nutritional advice, real solutions, question time, product discussion and take-home information.
All participants receive 10% discount in-store (you don't have to use it).

Follow the link to purchase your ticket.

Spaces are limited so get in quick xx Melanie