When you find a gap (or lack of) in something you fill it and that's exactly what we done here. We started this company to align the idea of movement and an intellectual understanding of what we're doing on this planet.

AIM starts with Yoga and free movement and finalises it where you want it to. The Planet is our greatest source for life and prolonging it is our undercurrent vision to continue this quest.

Not many people people give a shit where their clothes have come from, what conditions they were created under and how poorly people were treated in order for the Western Business man to gain more profit on the backbone of others less fortunate.

We want to participate in the culture of knowing in which we engage in, making a conscious choice to do the right thing by ourselves and by the planet and the generations to come.

The concept of AIM goes beyond just a t-shirt you wear to yoga, juijitzu or climbing up a mountain. You always have a choice to move towards a brighter future, so make that choice.