Do you get overwhelmed and confused when it comes to what you should and shouldn’t be eating?

Are you someone who is constantly dieting? Always trying out the next new 12 week challenge or signing up for every weight loss program constantly trying to either see the number on the scales go down, tone up or trim down?

Are you somebody who feels guilty if you over indulge in foods that are meant to be “treat” foods and you just happen to have too many?

Don’t worry, that was me as well.

If you want to learn and experience for yourself what thriving really feels like then you have come to the right place.

Why? Because I have lived and breathed what you’re going through and can tell you that there is a better way to be experiencing what it means to be truly health. A way that ditches every single diet and diet supplement out there. A way that allows you to be in touch, listen to and nourish your own body without any guilt or second guessing. A way of exercising that makes you want to jump out of bed to move your body because you genuinely love it. You no longer see exercise as a chore but a way of nourishing your body as well.

Are you somebody that loves the idea of thriving in your mind, body and soul?

Somebody who just wants to find their own happy medium and stop comparing your body to other people’s bodies? Somebody who wants to let go of the struggle of dieting and wants more than anything to move yourself into a space that is truly nourished, accepted and appreciated?  

When I talk to you about overwhelm and confusion when it comes to nutrition and health, when it comes to emotional eating and having a bad relationship with your food and body – I’m speaking from personal experience.

Just a few years ago I had a bad relationship with my body. I used to exercise and push myself to go to the gym to do multiple classes or to go for a lengthy run or both. I was constantly on a diet. Always trying out different ways of eating in the hope that maybe that would be the answer to all of my problems. Maybe the next diet was “the magic of all magic pills” that was going to allow me to have the body of my dreams.

A lot of my friends were stuck in pretty similar thought patterns and so it felt quite normal to be living like this.

I thought that if I could somehow acquire my “dream body” I would somehow feel like I was on top of the world and my best self. Little did I realize it was actually tearing me away from other really important areas in my world.

Though I loved parts of myself I never loved (or could quite accept) all of myself.

When I look back on all of those years it was really exhausting and stressful. I don’t know how I kept it up for that long and didn’t fall into a big heap. As time went on (and the more I practiced yoga and meditation) the more I came to realize that there was more to me than my body and more to me than what I looked like. I began focusing more on my studies in Nutrition and Naturopathy. I began channelling my energy into yoga and surfing (two things that connected me to my body in a really beautiful way and always brought me into a space of gratitude).

I can’t tell you when it was exactly but something clicked within it all and I gave it up. I made thriving in mind and body more of a priority then simply looking good. I was done with restrictive diets and over exercising. I decided to 100% commit myself to my studies, learn as much as I could and help people as many people as I could who are walking similar paths.

I remember sitting there in my nutrition lectures being blown away at how the body works. Four years of study and not once did I get bored with it. I loved knowing and understanding at a much deeper level how the food we eat nourishes each and every cell within us. How enzymes and hormones and our innate ability to live and function to our full capacity depends on the food we choose to consume, the levels of exercise we undertake and our stress levels. When I realized that what we choose to do each and every day is either contributing to us experiencing our best health or it was ripping us away from experiencing our best health everything shifted. I started viewing it all differently and then I began experiencing life differently. Rather than living from a place of deprivation and stress or succumbing to the pressure of having the ideal body I began living from a place of inner acceptance and absolute knowing that I was healing and building a strong and beautiful relationship with myself. That is a lesson that I will never forget.

 I’m different now.

I’ve healed the toxic relationship I had with my body and food. I only do exercise that I genuinely enjoy doing. I’ve relaxed and loosened the noose completely.

I eat whole foods. I listen to my body. I rest when I need rest and move when I have energy. I’m softer and kinder to myself. I’ve never been more at peace with who I am.

Which is why I am now doing the work I’m doing and I want you to reach out to me so I can help you do the same.

I will help you find your own happy medium. Your own way of living and eating and moving and being that will enable you to maintain your best health and be your best self.

It’s there for you. Just like it was there for me.