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MANA FLOW MASSAGE with Hayley Andrews

Lomi Lomi Massage

Hello, I’m Hayley, owner of Mana Flow Massage. 

For over twenty years I have worked in areas of service. Firstly, as a Personal Assistant in Sydney and London, moving on to develop a career in Travel and now working with the spirit of Lomi Lomi Massage. 

I knew I was needing something more. Little did I know that 2020 would come around, completely turn my life upside down and propel me into a journey that would develop me both personally and professionally. Lomi Lomi bodywork came into my sphere and I took the plunge and haven't looked back. 

This isn't just a job for me, this is where I touch people’s hearts and souls, relax and release the body, and free the mind. Where I get to flow in rhythm with another human’s energy and body. 

I hope that I’ve been able to create a space of freedom and love where my clients feel completely cared for. Where they are able to come in, fully surrender and leave all their stresses in the room. Watching them emerge from the beauty of Lomi Lomi and seeing their smile and hearing the deep breathing brings joy to my heart.  I have so much gratitude for being able to share Mana Flow Massage with you all. 



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