I’m a qualified Naturopath and Herbalist but I don’t treat people in an ordinary way. My work has taken on a different shape to what you may know of me. Perhaps different to what you have been told. I’m not in the business of spoon-feeding programs, I don’t subscribe to company protocols and the general direction Naturopathy has taken. My work is more inline with women’s health and rites of passage. This can include conditions around hormone health, skin problems, adrenal fatigue and anxiety. I'm interested in your emotional health, your whole Self, your connection to your body and wellbeing. 

An appointment with me is a deep-dive beneath the surface of fast-fixes and brand hype. I lean into the experience of ritual, ceremony and healing practices to help you find YOUR health intuition. I use my vast experience of Naturopathy for you to 'heal' with traditional and natural medicine.  Whatever your needs are - you will be met with confidence and experience. 

Herbal Medicine | Womens's Health

Sacred Rites of Women | Emotional Wellbeing 

Ritual & Ceremony | Embodiment 


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2/22 Murray St, Port Macquarie, NSW, 2444