We’re a couple who share a vision of a unique space - a retreat from the busy-ness of our modern world; to create a tribe of like-minded people seeking fulfilment and who support us in doing the same. The Hollow Store was birthed from our passion for the community, and quality organic Australian products - not for fashion, not for kicks, but because we believe in what we do, what we sell and we want to share all of it with You.
We are a LIFE-style Store, Naturopathy clinic, and a Yoga & Meditation Studio. We work with integrity, holistically and our services compliment each another beautifully. Melanie has 20 years experience working as a Naturopath, beholding a wisdom that surpasses text books and a down-to-earth confidence with everyone who shares with her. Benny teaches from deep within his experiences of travel and own transformation. He guides his beloved Yin Yoga classes in a unique way to challenge our mental patterns and to nurture a safe and solid path forward.
Both Melanie & Benny come to together to teach Meditation to those who seek mental clarity and some reassurance they're not going nuts. You can catch our Meditation courses being held throughout the year by following us on FB, IG or sign up to our Newsletter. 
Welcome to The Hollow Store!  
If you are going nuts, please see your health care provider....