"I have always held a deep love of public speaking, and nothing gives me more pleasure than to combine this passion with my knowledge and experience of vitality"
Not one to shy away from the grit of reality when it comes to the health industry or to deepen the endless possibilities that exist within us to be truly well, Melanie is a dynamic and inspiring speaker who can relate to an audience wherever they may be on their journey of wellness. She can talk science, matter and function and at the same time challenge your most limiting self beliefs. Melanie understands the wisdom of the body and her passion for authentic health is palpable. 
Melanie has presented enthusiastic and educational Nutrition Workshops both locally and nationally including The IGNITE Live Tour 2015, Wise Women Gathering 2017, Platinum Mind & Fitness Centres, Ekam Festival 2016, various Government agencies and Gym + Fitness Centres.