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    The Art of Yin Yoga 

    Yin Yoga is the weekly break we've been looking for, within this practise you get a chance to feel free from all the day-to-day joblists that goes on in our lives and in our heads. All the stories and scenarios that keep us tied down into a negative cycle of doubt. What we learn is to connect with ourselves, getting still & silent is so unbelievably important to our reality and sanity in this busy, chaotic world we seem to be living in.

    At first (like anything) it seems difficult, listening to the nonsense that cycles its way through our head but once you start to recognise the stories you begin the process of detaching your self from those stories, inevitably relieving you of stress & the pressure you put on yourself. Whether you like to admit it or not we all have problems that we are processing; avoiding; maybe even denying, without taking the time to acknowledge them they will stay lingering in the background of your mind for you to consistently worry about. So let's take the time for ourselves and learn the tools to actually move past them - together


    Our Yin Yoga classes are held in the warm, quiet and intimate space of our studio. Here you'll learn to soften your mind, restore your body in stillness and remain untroubled under tension. You will notice subtle or significant shifts as we relax into each given pose. Beginners are very welcome.