Life isn’t meant to be this difficult. You deserve in every way possible to experience life through the eyes, mind and body of your best and most authentic self. You deserve to set up a lifestyle that supports every aspect of who you are. Your health, mental state, diet, relationships, exercise, career and most importantly the sacred relationship you hold with yourself. These aspects of your life are all there to be nourished and fuelled.

This program will assist you in identifying the areas in your life that are working for you and feel good as well as the ones that aren’t working so well and need a little more of your love and attention.
My wish for you is that you move yourself towards a more loving relationship with yourself, you eat food that nourishes you, you exercise because you want to (not because you have to), you seek out relationships that support you and have clear communication with the people that you care most about. My hope for you is that you move towards living in a space, full- time, where you are thriving in your mind, body and soul. That to me is the biggest reason behind creating this program. I want nothing more than to see you shine! 


· A sense of self love, self acceptance & an ability to honour who you are in every aspect of your life
· Knowledge and understanding of the foods that will sustain & nutrify your body as well as supporting you with your daily exercise, movement and mind frame
· A new understanding of the foods that are depleting you of vitality & making you feel sluggish, tired and drained
· A deep sense of gratitude towards your body and an awareness around what it is trying to tell you
· A new found appreciation for moving your body each day and what it feels like to nourish your body through exercise
· A deeper understanding of yourself & the beliefs you hold about yourself as an individual
· Recognize where you are limiting yourself & what you have to do in order to see the change you are seeking in your life
· Understand the value of seeking pleasure, playfulness & joy in all areas of your life and how this changes your biology
· A schedule & calendar that is created to support you & your new lifestyle/ habits. You will be able to look to your schedule/calendar with a smile knowing that your time is now being spent on things that really matter to you


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