A Whole Lotta Woman (eBook)

  • A Whole Lotta Woman (eBook)

A Whole Lotta Woman (eBook)



Finally, after months of deliberation my Whole Lotta Woman eBook has landed; birthed from my heart, a letter of sorts to you - the reader. 

Join me, as we explore the makings of a healthy woman:


No non-sense Nutrition 
Pimps for your plate
Best super-foods (and how to use them)
The role of the Digestive system 
10 day meal plan with recipes 
Hormones and the Menstrual cycle
Oestrogen Vs Progesterone 
Stress, Anxiety and rituals of Self-care
Rules for Wellbeing
And loads of my usual banter, humour and realism  


This eBook is written for ALL women, tending to the soil of their womanhood.
May it be a friend to lean on, return to and understand.
May it remind you of the WHOLE LOTTA WOMAN that you are.