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Wild Embodied Feminine

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Wild Embodied Feminine

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Saturday 25th September, 6 - 8pm

Dear beloved,

I have a deep urge to share sacred space with an intimate group of women to EMBODY our ALL through ritual, music and movement.

To craft a ceremony and shift the residue of what has been my body in lock down and the insidious oppression of my life force. I'm ready to dismantle and dissolve this man-made tension. I want to journey back to the power of my wild animal body, a soft sensual return to the essence of who I am as Woman.

And I want to share that experience with you.

Are you thirsting for the nectar of your Feminine power?

Are you ready to collapse the infrastructure of fear and shame in your body?

Are you sensing a call to reclaim the heart of your being?

This circle will be a 2 hour somatic journey of embodiment, sound and ritual. We will journey with the dark and shadow archetypes and heal the bridges in-between. Not all that will be can be spoken in word but you'll know if this work is calling you. You'll feel the divine pull and urgency too.

Only 8 spaces available to experience this deep mystic medicine.

Held in the warm & safe space @ The Hollow Store (with Covid safe practises). Reach out of you need more information.

xx Mel