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Let It In Workshop Let It In Workshop Let It In Workshop

Let It In Workshop



Founder of Let It In -  A life transformational meditation program

Sunday June 16th from 10am - 3pm [BOOK HERE]

Co-founder of 180 Nutrition & iTunes top rated health podcast "The Health Sessions". The podcast hits number one in the health section in iTunes, gets millions of downloads and you get to talk to some of the leading experts on the planet in wellness. This opens you up to a new world of possibilities that you didn’t even know existed… neuroscience, quantum physics, neuroplasticity, epigenetics… and even though these words sound complicated, you realise when applied they are a GAME CHANGER… Like life changing game changer.

A Proven Workshop Demystifying Meditation & Neuroscience To Create Transformation From The Inside Out.
What You Will Learn:
- Create the future you want on your terms.
- A proven meditation practise to help cultivate change in your life
- How to cultivate belief in yourself and then act.
- Live with courage and not let doubt or fear hold you back.
- Tools to quieten and focus the mind.
- Move through negative emotions and create more joy in your life.
- Develop and tune in to your intuition.


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