Lydia Irvine | NOV 23RD

Sourdough Workshop

  • Sourdough Workshop
Sourdough Workshop Sourdough Workshop Sourdough Workshop Sourdough Workshop

Lydia Irvine | NOV 23RD

Sourdough Workshop


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WHEN: Saturday 23rd November.

TIME: 4pm- 6pm

LOCATION: The Hollow Store 2/22 Murray Street, Port Macquarie.



Are you feeling overwhelmed by fad diets, Facebook groups and everyone telling you exactly what you can and can't eat? We think it's time to learn to LOVE YOUR GUTS.

Let us introduce to you the effervescent Lydia Irving, qualified in Nutritional Medicine BHSc. Lydia is passionate about fermentation and baking and is bringing her famous LOVE YOUR GUTS workshop and SOURDOUGH demonstration to The Hollow Store. In this fun, relaxed and informative two hour workshop you’ll reconnect with your GUT and take your health back into your own hands - literally...

What you’ll learn:

- The vital role the GUT plays in your health

- How certain foods can damage the gut (and how others can heal it)

- How to prepare food for optimal digestion

- How to make organic sourdough from scratch


What you’ll get:

- A recipe hand-out

- A home-made sourdough and dips to share with your classmates

- Everything you need to start a new routine of making your own bread!

-Opportunity to purchase your own sourdough starter

What to bring:

- Paper and pen for note taking

- A smile!